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SMS Highly Relevant In Marketing Worldwide

SMS Highly Relevant In Marketing Worldwide

The latest figures brought by the Chetan Sharma study show the first ever decline of SMS traffic in the U.S. As could have been expected, the chorus of critics was quick and loud too, once again, declare SMS dead and OTT apps the winners. As usual, the truth is far more different.

There’s no point in going back to the story of how SMS weathered the hurricane Sandy, but it still stands out as an example of what SMS is at its core – a ubiquitous, robust and reliable communication channel with an unprecedented reach.

Smartphones have changed the telecoms world and OTT have indeed had an impact on P2P SMS, with profitability and volumes dropping in developed markets with high mobile data penetration. But this story isn’t about that: it’s about the ways SMS can be used that make it relevant despite these serious contenders for the crown.

A2P messaging volumes have been in a steady increase for years and will continue to grow as operators seek ways to offset losses and as marketers and businesses seek efficient, cost-effective and wide-reaching communication channels.

Just because volumes are falling doesn’t mean people are texting less – there’s just a growing share of smartphones and that shows in the figures. People love to text, get and receive messages and that makes SMS an indispensable tool in consumer communication.

Studies show that over 95% of received SMS are read within 6 seconds and consumers prefer this type of communication as compared with e-mail marketing. This offers huge opportunities for marketers, brands, and consumers, as well as mobile operators.

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